Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lessons in Cockworship: 40 Maxims to live by

1. Stay always with My Cock. When you cannot have My Penis in your mouth or ass, keep Him in your mind and heart.

2. Pray to My Cock in the morning and in the evening.

3. Compose at least one new prayer or hymn of praise to My Phallus every day.

4. Acknowledge several times a day that you worship My Cock.

5. Have a short prayer that you constantly offer to My Penis when your mind is not occupied with other things.

6. Prostrate yourself to My Cock when you pray.

7. Eat food in moderation.  Remain always hungry for your true sustenance My Dick.

8. Let My Penis be your only meat, My Cum your only milk, My Balls your only eggs.

9. Spend time in silence every day contemplating the awesome majesty of My Manhood.
10. Obey Me without thought or question.

11. Bow down and pay homage when you pass the altar sacred to My Cock.
12. Commune with My Divinity regularly by taking My sacred Semen into your own body.
13. Do not engage negative thoughts and feelings. Cut them off at the start.  Your life is the gift of My Cock live in a spirit of gratitude to Him.
14. Reveal all your thoughts and feelings honestly to your Master.  It is not just your body but your mind and soul which belong to Me.
15. Emulate your Man, strive each day to become more conformed to My will for you.

20. Maintain cleanliness and order in My home.  Remember that everything including you are Mine.
21. Put your Man first in everything. He is the source and purpose of your life.
22. Exercise regularly.  You have given your body to be My slave as an act of worship, do not offer anything that would be displeasing.
23. Do not propose plans for yourself, instead learn My will and do it.
24. Be totally honest. As you are naked in body so be naked in spirit.  This is why a slave is stripped and wears no clothing.
25. Be faithful to Me and My Penis your God in all things.

26. Do your work, and consider your service of Me your greatest honor.
27. Accept difficulty and adversity without complaint for the sake of My Cock.
28. Face reality.  I am the Man, you are My slave, and My Cock is your God.
29. Always thank My Phallus for all the good He has given you. 
30. Be cheerful and eager to please.

31. In your heart each day place your own penis, the embodiment of your ego and selfhood, on the altar to My Cock and offer it there as a sacrifice to Me.
32. Never bring attention to yourself.  You are nothing, I am everything.
33. Listen when your Master speaks to you.
34. Be awake and be attentive. Focus on the purpose of your existence and live mindfully for My Penis.
35. Think and talk about things no more than necessary.  It is not your place to question, but rather to do as you are commanded.

36. When you speak, do so respectfully and directly.  When you address Me, begin all speech with ‘my Lord, Sir, or Master’.  If you must refer to yourself do not say ‘I’ but only ‘Your slave’. 
37. Keep yourself clean and ready to serve at a moment’s notice.
38. Do not touch or use your penis unless I expressly command you to do so.
39. Do not mumble, murmur or whine.  It is no easy thing to worship a Man’s Cock.  Submit to all I demand of you.  You need no more reward than this.
40.  Have no pride but My Cock, no shame but to disobey My will.



Friday, January 23, 2015


Cockworship as a whole is a constant process of self-emptying, hollowing out the ego, and humbling our pride to make room for the Presence of the Lord Phallus to grow within us and shape us to His perfect will.  On this journey as worshipers we must strive to reach the level of cocklessness, where we begin to understand the ultimate reality that there is only His Cock, that He and His Cock are One, and that we and all else that is are but the semen running down the shaft of our Lord's Cock.

For the worshiper, the fact that he also has a cock that demands constant attention can be one of his greatest obstacles in achieving true worship of his Master's Penis, or for that matter in allowing another Man to be his Master, Teacher and Guide to God.  For, as long as my motivation for worshiping His Phallus remains the pleasure it brings my own dick, I succeed only in worshiping myself, my wants and desires, and the small reflection of His Divine Glory that nature endowed me with.  But if I wish to transcend myself and offer my adoration to one far greater than myself, to the Man I call Lord and Master, then I must completely re-order my priorities and the motivations that underlie my actions so as to put Him at the center of all I am and do.

He must be the first and only motivation for every action, word and thought.  This is what is meant by Cocklessness of spirit.   In this state a worshiper no longer feels any desire for pleasure except his Man's pleasure. His own penis is no longer the center of his life or the motivator of his actions.  If it exists or doesn't exist makes no difference, all that matters is serving the Master's Divine Cock and obeying Him completely.

To present himself as though cockless, fully passive and receptive is one of the greatest acts of tribute a boy can offer to his Man. It creates the space for the Man to be just that, a Man, unyielding, uncompromised, unpenetrated, fully Man and fully God. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Divine Bulge

Consider for a moment the great paradox of our faith, that the Creator of all that is, the Maker of stars and moons and planets is to be found not in Valhalla, or high Olympus, but here, bulging in this young Man's underwear.  How is it possible that He, whose glory overfills the entire universe as the ocean would a thimble, is yet contained, in His entirety, by the humble cotton of this Man's jockstrap?

This is the Joy of Men, that their very essence, their Manhood, their prowess, strength, and honor, their Cocks and Balls and Sacks should be worshiped as God made flesh.  There is no greater calling in this life than to be a true Man and bear the great God between Your legs.  There is no being more sacred, none due more honor, reverence, or obedience than Man.

Cock is Your dominion, Your scepter, Your Godhead.  Blessed is he who kneels naked at Your feet.  Blessed is he whose God is Your Cock.  Therefore, do not hesitate to push Your boy to his knees and teach him there to invoke Your Divine Phallus in his prayers and venerate the Sacred Flesh of Your Noble Penis.  For what boy has there ever been who was not bettered by the long, hard service of Cock-sucking, and the knowledge that by his service he brings pleasure to both his Man and his God?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Worship the Dick

 Take a few minutes everyday to thank the Lord Cock for everything He's given you, and acknowledge that all you are and have comes from Him.  

Monday, January 19, 2015

Simply Mezmerizing

Why I worship Cock

Tips for Men: Rewiring Your boy to worship Your Cock

A Man should never be shy about demanding worship from His boy.  In fact, part of being a Man is teaching your boy to not just suck your Dick, but to worship and pray to Him as well.  In an ideal world, teaching would be unnecessary a boy would instinctively know that his Man's Cock was God, but in our world filled with so much spiritual pollution and interference few boys will ever reach this truth on their own.

I myself would never have become a Cockworshipper if in college a Man hadn't taught me to see His Cock not just as a Penis like any other, but as God made flesh for me.

In the end, Cockworship is pretty simple:  A Man is worshiped because He's a Man, it's His right.  A  boy worships because he's a Cocksucker, it's his privilege and his duty. 

Rewiring a boy for Cockworship is not hard, it's his primal instinct, although one society and 'religion' have trained him to ignore.  Perhaps one of the most effective techniques for reestablishing the God-Cock association in his mind is Phallic meditation.  Set aside some time when You won't be disturbed for a couple of hours.  Get naked and put Your boy on his knees, or bare ass with his face maybe half an inch from Your naked Cock, as pictured above.  Now, as he breathes in teach him to say, "Your Cock is my God," and as he breathes out "I worship Him."  The connection between breath and words is important here.  As the boy inhales he accepts Cock as God, and as he exhales he offers worship.  Have him do this with every breath for half an hour, no distractions, no interruption just the sight and smell of Your Cock, the interplay of these two phrases and a gentle breathing in and out. 

The Man also may join in this meditation, but in reverse.  As he exhales he says, "My Cock is your God,"  and as He inhales "you worship Him." 

After several sessions of Phallic meditation a boy will be eager to begin worshiping Your Cock not just in spirit but in the flesh.  As You push Your Penis into his mouth have him think the same profession to Your Cock, but more personal, "You are my God."  Then as You withdraw and his lips and tongue slide along Your Shaft giving You pleasure, let him meditate upon the phrase, "I worship You."  In this way let the boy grow accustomed to thinking of Your Cock as his God, his Creator, the omnipotent center of his universe. 

This last step should be repeated whenever You penetrate him as well.  Let him never touch, or even see Your Cock without an act of worship to Your Manhood as God.  As the weeks pass with this practice, You will be amazed at the intensity of his need for Your Cock, at his enthusiasm for serving and pleasing You.  He too will be happier and joy-filled, because the natural order has been reestablished:  You are his Lord and Master; he is Your slave and Cockworshiper. 

The Inner Temple

If you would truly worship My Cock, then this is what you must do:
Make the innermost recesses of your soul a temple to My Manhood,
a place sacred only to Me, where only I may come.
There, erect an altar to My Holy Phallus,
and as you invoke My Divine Name, 
offer everything you are to everything I am.
Let your prayers to My Noble Penis rise like incense;
Let your thanksgiving for life and being and every good thing
adorn the altar of My Cock like tribute.
There, if you will bow down to Me,
I will give you My Cock, My Balls, My Sack
to be your God.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

It may be that God takes many forms.  To one He may appear as Helios, the blazing sun, to another the cosmos in all its wonder, or the earth which gave birth to us all.  Still others conceive Him as an unseen spirit dwelling in the heavens, just and terrible as the sea.  Even those who say there is no God worship Him, but to these He has other names, like Reason, Logic, Science and Fact.  From this we learn that God is always worshiped, for He is what we love most, honor most, revere most.  In those things, He is there, glimmering just beyond the surface drawing us toward Himself.  

For a Man it is fitting that He should seek the things that are above, for there He will find communion with the Godhead He already bears in His own flesh.  He has no need to worship per se, but only to manifest ever more clearly His own Divine Manhood.

A slave also must seek to worship what is infinitely greater than himself. Yet, lacking the Divine spark given to Men, he is limited in his quest, in fact utterly thwarted, for how can he cross over that great chasm which yawns between the physical and the spiritual realms?  Only a true Man who stands with a foot in each world, so to speak, may bridge that gap.  This is why a Man, in an act of unspeakable generosity, may sometimes offer His own Cock to be worshiped as God, by one who utterly belongs to Him. For His Phallus is the bridge-point, that place where God and perfect Manhood meet, fuse and become one being.  Though this truth is only known by one who loves and reveres his Lord's Cock above all else and offers himself daily as an oblation upon the altar of his Man. 


This is the way of Cock:

Sleep naked on the floor. Kneel humbly at His Feet. 
Need no food but His Cock; no drink but His cum and His piss. 

Let another day of slavery be the only recompense you seek for all your labor for Him; 
and the privilege of worshiping His Cock the only reward for sucking you desire.

Do not seek to amass possessions, for you and all you have are His.   
 Know that He alone exists, and that you are but one small part of Him.

Blessed are you if you do these things, for you will see God, 
and bring pleasure to Him who is your Lord and Master.