Saturday, February 22, 2014

Does a Man worship His own Cock?

At first glance it would seem the answer to this question would be an easy no.  Cock is the Joy of Men and the God of slaves.  A Man is the Master of His own destiny.  He bows to no one, obeys no one, serves no one.  Although from the perspective of His slaves looking up His Penis is truly Divine, He Himself owes no such debt of adoration to the Phallus of any Man.  In gazing down upon His own Penis He sees His Manhood, the center of His creative power, the embodiment of His Virility, the symbol of His freedom, His prowess, His right to fuck and hold dominion over others.  How then can it be said that a Man does in fact worship His own Cock and that this is the truest and purest form of adoration? 

 The answer is complex and lies in the very nature of the Phallic religion itself.  To worship the Penis of another Man is the most profound and complete act of submission one male can make to another.   It is to move into an entirely new mode of being where not only does the slave's own penis for all practical purposes cease to exist, but with it his very self, his sense of identity, in short his ego slips into non-being.  In this state, the only true and ultimate reality is the Master's mighty Phallus.  There is nothing else, only an empty vessel in which the Master's will rules as completely as it does in His own.  In speaking of this we often use language of Master and slave, owner and property to express this relationship, but in truth it is much more than that.  A Cockworshipper isn't a separate being, or an object, but an extension, a part of his Master's body.  He kneels at his Master's feet gazes up in in absolute awe at his Lord's Penis and rightly sees there his God.  Emptied of self, he acknowledges that he is but a drop of Semen, spilled in a moment of Manly ecstasy, returning to the Source of all that he is to worship his Creator.

Faced with his Master's Cock a slave can only say, " my Lord, all I that I have thought of as me, is really You.  These hands, these feet, these legs, these arms, this head, this breath, this life are You. " In this way then, and to the degree that a slave utterly negates his own false sense of self and makes his own being merely an extension and an embodiment of his Master's far greater existence, it can be said that a Man worships His own Cock.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happiness is

A Cock to suck

A Load to swallow

A Man to worship

Everything else is unnecessary.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Master:  So fag, in all honesty, what's it like for you to worship My Cock?

slave:  Sir, i never really used to believe in God until i saw Your Cock.  The minute i saw Him i knew i was wrong.  God does exist and He hangs between Your legs.  Worshiping Him has been the most mind-blowing, life altering experience i have ever known.  Your Cock is amazing.  He is such a good God to me, i will never pray to anyone else except Him.

Master:  Is it embarrassing, fag, that My Dong is your God?  I mean here you are in front of a group of guys and instead of standing as their equal, you're on your knees at My Feet, My Nutsack in your mouth praying to my Junk.

slave: Sir, it's not embarrassing at all.  i'm just doing what Your Cock created me to do: worship and serve Him.  As for these other Guys, i'm glad they're here.  i want them to see how a real Man should be treated; how Your every word is obeyed instantly, how Your Cock is worshiped as God; how Your boy is not just a bottom, but a slave eager and willing to yield to Your every desire. 

Master:  So you like honoring me in public?

slave:  More than anything Sir.  i'm proud that You're my Master and that i am Your slave.  i don't know what i could have done to deserve the privilege of worshiping so great a God as Your Cock.  Even if i spend my whole life as your slave i know i won't make even a dent in repaying You for the fact that You allow me a place at Your feet worshiping Your Dick. 

Master:  Good faggot, you just earned the privilege of sucking My Dick and swallowing My Load.

Man is the greatest and most noble of all beings. For while His feet stand firmly upon the earth, His head rises high into the heavens, to the realm of God.  In His body a Man joins the human and the Divine and makes visible, tangible and knowable the Unseen Creator.  It is no accident that a Man’s Holy Phallus hangs halfway between heaven and earth as God made Man and Man made God.  It is not right to think that a Man and His Cock are two separate beings living together in symbiosis.  In truth, it is impossible to tell where the one begins and the other ends. A Man’s essence, everything about Him that is Masculine and makes Him a Man is God.  His Cock is the purest, most intense physical manifestation of this unseen essence, this pulsating creative power and so is rightly worshiped, reverenced and prayed to as God.    It is important then to remember that as we worship the deep-impaling Phallus of our Lord and Master that on a very deep level we are worshiping Him.  

A Man and His Cock are One.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Telling your Boyfriend you worship His Cock

I recently received this note from a reader:

"I really enjoy your blog.  I have been exploring Cockworship for a while and have found your perspective as described in the blog to be very inspiring.  You are fortunate that both you and your bf understand that your place is to worship His Cock.   I have been reluctant to admit to my bf about my interest in Cockworship because I am afraid of his reaction.  Any suggestions?"

Thank you for writing, this is a great question.  I imagine there are a lot of guys in your position so maybe it would be more helpful if I post my response here on the blog.

First, take it slow.  Remember that Cockworship is about Him, about making His Cock, His Manhood, His honor, His will and pleasure the focus and center of your life.  Work on embodying this in your daily life with Him.  Be more enthusiastic about His Cock and His needs. Be more respectful and submissive to Him as a Man.  Find your pleasure in obeying and pleasing Him.  Be the bottom you were created to be.  Embrace the fact that your sexuality is entirely passive and receptive.  Create space within you for His Phallus to dwell and to be worshipped as God.

Over the next couple of weeks as you implement these changes watch how your relationship changes, how stress and tensions fade away as each of you, Man and boy, become more fully who you truly are and begin to function as one.  Let him take the control, the decision-making, the mastery over your life until everything is in His hands and you exist completely for Him.  At this stage, when you kneel to suck His Cock, don't just bend your knees to get into the right position, kneel to Him, in awe of Him as an act of homage and tribute to everything He is as a Man.

Naked, on your knees, humbled, obedient, gaze in wonder upon His Magnificent Manhood and see not His Cock, but your God.  Caress, fondle, suck, enfold, envelop Him. Pray and worship Him.  His Cum will flow like geysers, drink it passionately, gratefully. Beg for it, live for it.  His Orgasm will be more profound, more deeply pleasurable than anything He has ever felt.  He will love you for it, fuck and seed you for it. 

If he asks what has brought about this wonderful change, tell Him you've become a Cockworshipper, or say nothing and let your worship continue in silent adoration of His Penis.  It is not essential that He know.  If it would increase His pleasure, His closeness to Cock and the bond between you, then tell Him, but if not then don't.  What is important though is that you offer His Cock the worship and honor He deserves for who He is in your life.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Praying the Phallic Examination of Conscience

The Phallic Examen is a technique of prayerful reflection on the events of the day in order to uncover God’s presence and discern His will.  The purpose of the Examen is to make ourselves aware of the fact that our Lord’s Cock is at work in our whole experience, not just in those moments when we are blessed by physical union with Him.

1. Become aware of God’s presence.

Reverently, on your knees before your Man, in an attitude of worshipful submission unveil the sacred flesh of His Phallus.  Take a moment and gaze upon His Penis, His Scrotum, His Testicles, His pubic hair, take in every vein, every soft fold of skin, the powerful life-force pulsing through Him.  Then, as you become aware of Who His Penis is for you, of the fact that you are kneeling before the Living God, bow your head to the ground before your Man and profess your faith:

Master, Lord and Owner of all that I am,

Your Cock is my God,

Your Balls are my God,

Your Sack is my God.

Grant me my Lord, the light 
to worship Your Manhood in truth and sincerity,

To yield to You completely,

To tremble at Your commands

And to exist only to serve Your most perfect will.

2. Review your life with gratitude. 

Now, rise to your knees and take His Cock, your God, in your mouth, reverently, receptively, open to everything He wishes to give you, or to make you into.  Though you cannot speak, pray silently to His Cock as He hardens and slides across your tongue:

My Lord's Cock,
I know that it was You who created me 
and ordained that my body should be enslaved to this Man, 
my soul bound to the worship of You His Cock
 and my entire being offered as tribute to His Manhood.  
How perfect are Your ways and how grateful am I 
that You have created me to taste, and touch, to see and know You as my God.
It is You gives me life, who feeds and nourishes my body with Your Seed.
A golden rivulet of piss you have splashed across my face
its salty, bitter taste has filled my mouth and overflowing there
poured down my chest and torso
and soaked my own dim likeness of Your Godhead.
I bear Your mark, Your scent, Your imprint.
You are my God and I worship You.

3.  Pay attention to your feelings and reactions as you suck His Cock.

The greatest and most important being in your universe, the focal point of all your sexual and spiritual energy, the object of all your veneration and worship, the One you know as God, your Master's massive Cock has entered your mouth and filled your throat.  It is impossible not to have an emotional response to so intense an experience. These feelings are the liveliest index as to what's happening in our spiritual lives, listen to them whether positive or negative.  There could be awe, joy, gladness, desperation to take more of Him, frustration at not being able to, fear, nervousness, eagerness to please, or all of them jumbled together.   Pick one of these reactions, say frustration, and pray from it as you worship His Cock:

Noble Father, my Lord's Cock,
Your greatness far exceeds my ability to receive,
though I struggle I can take only the third part of your full length.
My God, I am frustrated that though my body is Your temple
I am too small a space to contain the enormity of Your Godhead. 
Thrust deep within me my Lord, open wide a path,
stretch, conform and mold me to Your Divine Image,
for I would worship all of You, yield entirely to You,
exist only for You. 

4. Look toward the future.

As you suck and worship you know that at any moment your God will ejaculate enormous quantities of Seed into your mouth and across your face. As you slurp up and swallow His thick, warm Semen contemplate the fact that His Sperm is the bringer of new and more abundant life.  Allow His Seed to bear those fruits in your own life.  Live more joyfully, gratefully aware of each moment as a gift from His Cock. Worship more passionately and pray without ceasing to the One who gave you life.  Above all, do not fear what the future may bring.  The same Cock who created you, who sustained you, who fills you, hears your prayers and provides before you even ask for all that you need.  

Saturday, May 25, 2013

There is no degradation in Cockworship, there is no shame, no humiliation.
If I say that I abase myself before Cock, I lie, 
and I have known neither Him who made me, nor myself as His creation.

My Lord, when I kneel in humble adoration of Your Penis 
and bow down before the unutterable beauty of Your Manhood,
I am not brought low as though this were a thing beneath me.

No, my Lord, my Master, my King,
that You should offer Your Sacred Penis, Your Testicles, Your Scrotum
to me to be my God, that I should know Him and be known by Him
is an act of greatest condescension and unimaginable love.

Though I kneel, I am exalted
though Your slave I am utterly free,
for You have raised me up from darkness.

When I was Godless, You offered me Your Cock,
when I was will-less you gave me Your commands, 
You have taught me the way that I should go.

Blessed and fortunate am I above all slaves,
that Your Cock should be my God,
that my lips have encircled the Holy Flesh of Your Phallus,
my nostrils breathed in the fragrant incense of Your Manhood
my tongue tasted the sweet gift of Your Seed.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Lessons in Cockworship: The duty and privilege of every slave

Master: What is worship, boy?

slave: My Lord, worship is offering service to God and having reverence for Him.

Master: What is a slave's God?

slave: A slave's God, my Lord, is his Master's Cock, His, Balls, His Sack. It is the duty and privilege of every slave to worship his Owner's Manhood.

Master: What does the act of Cockworship imply?

slave: Worshipping a Man's Cock implies that a slave is in a state of complete submission and total obedience to that Man.  A slave who worships Cock has reordered his life to live in accordance with his Master's commands, and strives to embody his Owner's will for him both in public and in private.

Master: Does a slave possess an independent will?

slave: a slave possesses nothing, my Lord, least of all an independent will. 

Master: What is external worship?

slave: External worship is any act of honoring Your Manhood as my God which involves my physical body, such as praying to Your Cock, kneeling before You, cleansing my body before penetration, sucking Your Cock and swallowing Your Semen.  It also includes the words I use when speaking to You, Master, Lord, and Sovereign and the acknowledgment that before You, I am only a slave. 

Master: What is internal worship?

slave: Internal worship is the constant focused disposition of my heart to worship Your Sacred Penis and to believe that He alone is my God.  It is to know You for who You are and myself for what I am.

Master: What are the seven pillars of worship?

slave: The first is Knowledge, to know and to have experienced Your Cock as my God and to know that He is sufficient for me.

The second is Certainty, to believe without out any doubt that Your Cock is my God, that Your will is perfect, that my slavery to You is the will of my Creator.

The third is Sincerity, to worship only Your Sacred Penis, Testicles and Scrotum, to have no God but Your Manhood.

The fourth is Truthfulness, to believe in my heart the faith I profess with my lips, to avoid hypocrisy and to live simply before You.

The fifth is Love, to know that I shall never truly believe until Your Cock becomes dearer to me than my own, dearer to me than my will and my freedom, dearer to me even than my very life.

The sixth is Submission, to lay open before You, unresisting, malleable as clay desiring only to be shaped and molded  into a more perfect worshipper of Your Manhood.

The seventh is Obedience, to do all that You command as the Owner of my being and the Bearer of my God.  For without obedience it is impossible to please my God Your Penis.